Saturday, 20 October 2012

from jatiwaringin to ciseke kecil

i miss you.
i miss your hug, your sweat-smell jacket, your arm, your not-six-pack-anymore stomach

i miss watching random movies
i miss letting you finish my food
i miss seeing you fall a sleep when i wash the dishes or clothes
i miss us, talking and laughing over random things

i miss you.

i miss the day i dont have to leave you every thursday :")

Dream about the days to come  
When I won't have to leave alone 
About the times that I won't have to say goodbye

(leaving on a jet plane - Chantal Kreviazuk)

Saturday, 13 October 2012

random post

"aku bukan menggantikan
aku mengisi apa yang telah ditinggalkan
jadi tidak akan pernah ada lagi celah kosong yang bisa bikin kamu sakit lagi :)"

read it somewhere, and suddenly pop op in my random head when i have to translate something for my skripsi tonight. 
and i just cant stop my self for thinking of you.